About 11,000 Calista Shareholders voted in 2020.

Only your votes elect Directors!

In 2012, the Calista Board of Directors responded to Shareholder feedback and removed discretionary voting by the Board. In every Annual Meeting since, Shareholders exercised their power to elect directors by voting.

Voting results by community and by age

Quyana to the YK communities with the highest voting rates this year. Overall, 63% of all Shareholders voted online this year, and 1 in 3 Elders voted online.

Why vote online?

  • #SaveTrees forMaqiis! Nearly 1,800 Shareholders opted to receive Annual Meeting materials electronically this year, saving over 1,300 pounds of paper. Wow!
  • Most Shareholders voting online finished in less than 3 minutes.
  • It costs over $100,000 just to print and mail Annual Meeting materials to Shareholders.
  • If quorum isn’t met, Calista will need to print and mail voting materials again. That’s over 6 tons of paper.

What does quorum mean?

  • It means that your votes count.
  • If too few Shareholders vote and a majority of shares are not voted, the meeting will be invalid.
  • The votes you cast won’t count if too few Shareholders vote.
  • Proxy prizes are only awarded if quorum is met.

Want to make sure voting is faster and saves paper during next year’s voting season?