Want to receive Annual Meeting materials by email? Join the many other Shareholders who chose electronic delivery and reduced paper use by over 1,300 pounds in 2020.

A valid email address is required.

When Annual Meeting materials are available, you will:

  • Receive an email with a link to CalistaVote.com**
  • Annual Meeting materials will be available at this website
  • The email will also include your PIN to vote online
  • As a backup, a single piece of paper will be mailed to your last known address with your PIN to vote online

**The voting website is only operational during each voting period

This consent is optional. You may revoke receiving Annual Meeting materials electronically at any time by sending a signed and dated written notice to Calista Shareholder Services Department. Following receipt of your request, Calista will thereafter mail paper copies during the next scheduled mailing of Annual Meeting materials.

Annual Meeting materials generally include:

  • annual report
  • notice of annual meeting
  • agenda for annual meeting
  • proxy statement
  • proxy form
  • instructions for filling out the proxy form
  • proxy prize sheet
  • instructions
  • and other items